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Affordable car diagnostic tools that help to save car owners time and money with a great range of best OBD2 Scanner tools LJM have got you covered.

Using our tools can allow you to bypass trips to the garage that can often be expensive, and help you run your own extensive diagnostic checks. As part of our mission, we offer a range of OBD2 readers and scanners engineered by the UK’s leading manufacturers, such as iCarsoft.

What is an OBD2 Reader?

All vehicles that were manufactured after 1996 include an onboard computer system (OBD2) which is able to tell mechanics of the vehicle and any problems occurring. To access this information, the mechanic will use a diagnostic reader, namely an OBD2 scanner.

Good news though, as you don’t need to be a qualified mechanic to access or use an OBD2 reader – it is something everyone is able to do to save money.

How do you use an OBD2 Scanner?

Thankfully, all OBD2 systems are made to a specific standard, making choosing an OBD2 reader an easier task for consumers. How to use the OBD2 scanner may differ slightly between models, but most will simply be plugged into the vehicle, and by following some instructions, the user can access all the diagnostic information about their vehicle  

OBD2 Scanner Functionality and Compatibility

As OBD2 systems have been standardised across car makes and models, any OBD2 reader is most likely compatible across the board. This is only matched by their impressive functionality capable of identifying issues from the airbags to the transmission and everything in between. 

Contact the LJM Car Diagnostics team for more information on OBD2 scanners and how they work.

Check out some of our top selling OBD2 Scanners below 

iCarsoft CR MAX - 2024 FULL System ALL Makes Diagnostic Tool - The OFFICIAL iCarsoft UK Outlet

iCarsoft CR MAX - 2024 FULL System ALL Makes Diagnostic Tool - The OFFICIAL iCarsoft UK Outlet

Sale price £359.00 Regular price £429.00 Save £70.00
ICarsoft BMM V2.0 – Professional Diagnostic Tool For BMW & Mini

iCarsoft BMM V2.0 - BMW & Mini Professional Diagnostic Tool

Sale price £126.00 Regular price £159.00 Save £33.00

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