Malfunction Indicator Lamp Tool - MIL Lamp OBD

The Malfunction Indicator Lamp is a signal from the engine control unit, otherwise known as the ECU and it generally indicates there to be an issue with the engine itself. This could be any number of issues, from the exhaust to the battery as well as any other engine-related issue. Having the engine light checked using a diagnostic tool is paramount.

Heading to a mechanic, while it will ensure you get to the bottom of it, will also result in a very costly bill for a simple diagnosis. Having a malfunction indicator lamp tool to hand, however, will allow you to diagnose the issue for free and what’s more, could save you a trip to the mechanics entirely by revealing that it’s actually a very minor issue that you can deal with yourself. 

On the other hand, it may also reveal an issue that could lead to something much bigger, allowing you to deal with it at a much earlier and ultimately affordable stage. 

Here at LJM Car Diagnostics, we have a range of malfunction indicator lamp tools that will allow you to diagnose your car within seconds and do so with ease. From iCarsoft to Nexas, we have a range of tools in a range of price brackets. For more information on the right diagnostic tool for you and your vehicle/s, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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