Start diagnosing your car with OBDeleven’s NextGen device!

Best suited for daily drivers, the basic device plan provides users with the ability to perform diagnostics and vehicle customization with One-Click Apps

Officially licensed by Volkswagen Group (VAG) and now suitable for BMW too.

Main Features:
  • Manufacturer level Diagnostics
  • Clear faults/trouble codes
  • One-Click Apps (pre-made car customizations)
  • SFD unlocked (also supports newest Volkswagen group vehicles)
  • Live Data
  • Output test

Just plug it into the OBDII port, download the OBDeleven application (IOS & Android supported), and start a conversation with your car via your smartphone.

Features for BMW Group:

  • Perform Advanced Diagnostics – scan all available control units, read, clear, and share trouble codes for E (from 2008), F, G, I-series, MINI (F-series), and select Rolls-Royce models.
  • Customize your car’s comfort features and reset services reminders with One-Click Apps (pre-made car coding applications) for F, G, I-series, MINI (F-series), and select Rolls-Royce models.

New OBDeleven features:

Every car brand owner will be able to run engine diagnostics with OBDeleven’s NextGen device for every car supporting the CAN-bus protocol.

Basic OBD2 Diagnostics key features:

  • Engine-related fault diagnostics – scan & read fault codes stored in a vehicle's engine control unit and identify the fault cause from OBDeleven's entire fault database information.
  • Effortless fault code clearing – diagnose faults, determine their severity, clear them and continue driving without issues.
  • Supports – every car brand with CAN-bus protocol, manufactured mainly from 2008.

*To use One-Click Applications in-app currency OBDeleven credits are required.

Our next-generation smart diagnostic tool allows you to diagnose, find faults and check whether your car has any space for improvement with our one-click applications that could be with your Android, iOS, or Huawei operating system-based phones!

The OBD-II port adapter works perfectly with any vehicles of the brands within the Volkswagen Group (VAG), including Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Seat, Škoda, and Volkswagen.

This device also now works for BMW. You will need to download the 'OBDelevenBMW' app onto your Smartphone.

The NextGen device just needs to be plugged into your car via the OBD-II port and paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth, from whereon you will be able to check and clear any fault codes, enable or disable various comfort functions, and to check the history of your car by a simple tap on your screen.

Suitable for both Android and iOS (more features are available on Android - please see images for full list)

OBDeleven VAG app – Advanced Diagnostics, One-Click Apps, and Professional Features for all Volkswagen Group (VAG) vehicles.

OBDeleven app – Advanced Diagnostics and One-Click Apps for BMW (F, G, and I–series), MINI (F-series), and select Rolls-Royce models, and Basic OBD2 Diagnostics for all brands, such as Ford, Mercedes, Toyota, etc

  • Diagnostics Protocols: KKL, CAN and CAN-UDS
  • Firmware Version: 5.3
  • Protection: Password secured connection
  • Operating Voltage: 9 - 16 V
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 80 °C
  • Current: 45 mA
  • Connection: Bluetooth BLE 4.2

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