DGP301 Glow Plug Tester provides fault detection through LED's for a quick analysis of short circuit overcurrent normal operation and open circuit/undercurrent. It allows for testing without removing the glow plug from engine and powers the glow plug to test the plugin its operating state. Much more accurate test than a cold resistance tester which can miss short circuits.


Designed To Work On 12V ONLY!

Disconnect the busbar or leads from the glow plugs to be tested;

Connect the RED battery clamp to the positive terminal of the battery, and the BLACK battery clamp to the negative terminal of the battery;

Push the contact plate in the end of the test probe onto the glow plug;

Terminate until the glow plug has warmed up. This might take between 3 and 20 seconds (Check manufacturers specs for exact warm-up time)

Check which LED is illuminated on the control panel; 

Short Circuit---Defective glow plug

>16A---Defective glow plug (more than 3 seconds)

<7A---Defective glow plug (high resistance )

Open Circuit---Defective glow plug

Low Battery---Check source battery volts

NOTE: Even when all 4 glow plugs are open circuit, DO NOT assume this tool is faulty. The vehicle might be still started up with all 4 glow plugs being defective. 


Kit Includes:

DGP301 Main Unit

Test Probe

Battery Clippers

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