ELM327 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanner (Bluetooth)

  • £7.49

Diagnose & monitor your vehicle with ease. Stable connections, smoother on your cars compared to our competitors. Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Send Faster Data to your Android Devices from vehicle in real time. Read & clear error codes causing the car engine light codes on and fix it by yourself before any more damage! Detect fuel pressure & Check to ensure your vehicle is ready for smog / emissions testing!

Compatible Free APPs:
For Android: Torque Pro, OBD Car Doctor, DashCommand, etc.

1.Engine RPM
2.Calculated Load Value
3.Coolant Temperature
4.Fuel System Status
5.Short Term & Long Term Fuel Trim
6.Intake Manifold Pressure
7.Intake Air Temperature
8.Air Flow Rate
9.Absolute Throttle Position
10.Fuel Pressure
11.Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims Fuel System status and MORE.

a) Download the proper App for your device: Torque Pro or Dash Command (for Android)
b) Connect the Code Scanner to the car OBD interface. The scanner power light will flash and then standby. (Please turn on your car when connecting, otherwise, the App will not connect successfully. )
c) Search OBDII Bluetooth, Enter the password "1234", Connect your device to OBDII .
d) Exit the APP and Re-run the software.

Warm Tips:
1. It will NOT read or clear warning lights for: ABS, SRS, VSC, Oil Change, General Maintenance Lights; or any other non-OBDII systems. These systems can only be accessed with specialized tools.
2. SUPPORTS For Android & Windows ONLY
3.NOT FOR Apple iOS devices: iPhone, iPad. (For iPhones & iPads, please look at our WiFi version.)

Package content
1 x ELM327 OBDII Scanner
1 x CD Driver

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