Introducing the VEEPEAK Bluetooth 4.0 OBD2 Scanner

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At LJM Car Diagnostics, we regularly produce blogs just like this one to ensure that our customers get to understand what OBD  scanners offer and the huge savings that can be made. A good quality OB2  vehicle scanner can literally save you hundreds of pounds on garage diagnostic costs, so they’re worth their weight in gold to car owners.

In this article, we look at the Veepeak OBD check BLE which is a nifty little gizmo that lets you diagnose what’s wrong with your vehicle by interpreting the fault codes that the ECU throws up. With one of these beauties in your possession, you’ll either be able to fix the issue yourself or go to the garage knowing exactly what the problem is.


Cost-Effective & Easy to Use

At just under £60, this Veepeak  car scanner tool offers a lot for what is a minimal investment. The device itself plugs straight into the OBD  port under the steering wheel for the majority of major makes and models of car. Then, once in place, a standard smartphone with Bluetooth capability is used to scan for available devices and then connect to the attached scanner with a tap of your phone’s screen.

Veepeak OBD  scanners don’t actually have their own proprietary downloadable app for iPhones and Android mobiles, but that’s not too much of an issue as there are a few free ones available from the Apple store and Google Play - one of which being the Harry app.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed it to your phone, you just tap to connect and you’ll be asked to type in a code, which is set to ‘1234’ for ease. Once you’ve followed these few steps and made sure the car is on and running, you’re ready to go and start monitoring your car’s systems and checking for faults.


Simple and Straightforward UX

As soon as you have your Veepeak OBD BLE  connected, you soon see that you don’t have to be an engineering expert to operate it, as everything is laid out nice and simply. This is generally the case whichever of the 3rd party OBD apps you end up downloading for use with the device.

From there, it’s possible to not only read and clear any fault codes that come up, but you can also look at live data that’s coming from your car’s ECU. Factors like fuel pressure, temperature, Revs Per Minute (RPM) and more can be viewed and monitored - just like a pro would!


Maintain Your Car for Less With an OBD  Scanner

This Veepeak OBD  scanner is just one of the many available and as you can see, it’s simple to use and it won’t break the bank. In fact, it should pay for itself many times over in the money it saves you in fault diagnosis charges at your local garage and believe us when we tell you these savings can really add up!

If you would like to know more about this or any of the car diagnostic equipment we offer, visit us online at Alternatively, if you would like any questions answered, you could try our FAQs section which can be found on our contact page or simply fill out your details into the boxes provided at the bottom and we’ll get back to you as quick as we possibly can.

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