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LJM DIRECT - Offering the Best Car Diagnostic Tools In the UK

Posted by Leighton Maddison on

Anyone who’s ever owned a car will tell you how expensive they can be run and maintain, which means that the more you can do yourself, the better off you’ll be. Being ‘in the know’ when it comes to your own car will help you to avoid not just the high costs of professional vehicle diagnostic tests, but also potential breakdowns and even accidents. Sometimes staying on top of your vehicle maintenance requires specialist professional equipment. The good news is that this kind of vehicle diagnostic hardware is available online and at a lower cost than you might expect. Vehicle...

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Save Money By Performing Your Own AirBag Reset With iCarsoft CR Pro

Posted by Leighton Maddison on

When your airbag light comes on it can mean all sorts of things. It can mean that your airbag needs to be replaced or it could even be as the result of your car being in an accident and your airbags didn’t activate. Suffice to say that when you see that airbag warning light illuminates, you really need to get it sorted out for your own safety. Now, resetting the airbag is an easy enough job to carry out if you have the equipment to do it, however, most non-trade car owners don’t and this means having to go to...

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