DIY Car Diagnostics - What Is A Odometer Correction Tool?

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Why Odometers Are Needed & How You Can Get Yours Reset For Less?

The odometer in your car is the gizmo on your car dashboard that tracks how many miles your car has travelled during its life, which plays an important part in determining your car’s value.

Like any car part, your odometer can malfunction and when it does, any miles that you subsequently drive aren’t going to register, so getting it fixed really is quite important.

In this article, we look into what odometer correction, why it’s necessary to get it fixed and how you can do it for yourself and avoid costly garage fees. So, let’s start at the beginning with a quick description of why odometers sometimes go wrong.

Why Do Odometers Malfunction?

When your odometer malfunctions, it can be for a number of reasons.

  • Firstly, it could be a broken gear inside the speedometer system itself or it could be a poorly functioning speed sensor.
  • It could even be a faulty ECU or Engine Control Unit that’s to blame, but however it’s being caused, you’ll need to sort it out, as the mileage being shown by your odometer is false.

Odometer correction is necessary because otherwise you’ll get a lot less for your car when you come to sell it. And that’s because you have to declare to any individual or dealer that it’s not working under the strict rules that are in place to odometer rollback fraud.

Do It Yourself & Save £££s

If you have odometer correction work carried out - which involves resetting the mileage to it’s correct level - at a garage, you can end up paying through the nose. However, that’s something you can spare yourself by buying your own, trade-level vehicle diagnostic equipment and at LJM Car Diagnostics, we’ve got a wide range available from the most trusted names in the industry.

Take a look at our range of mileage correction tools to see what we mean. Currently our best-selling device is the MT401 by OBDPROG – a partner company of OBDSTAR. However, we are currently waiting for more advanced (trade-only) devices to arrive. Please inquire if you are interested.

As well as being able to perform odometer correction with the equipment we supply, its also possible to purchase vehicle diagnostic equipment from us for tasks like battery testing, fuel leak detection and even Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) recovery.

Free Worldwide Shipping

At LJM Car Diagnostics, we’ve made the process of purchasing professional-level diagnostic equipment simpler than it has ever been with our easy-to-navigate website and free shipping to anywhere in the world.

We even offer guidance and support after purchase, so that you have the help you need if you get stuck. We don’t think anyone should have to overpay for vehicle diagnostics services and with our help, you won’t have to.

For more information on anything we’ve spoken about here, either visit us online at or fill out our contact form and we’ll reply to your query without delay.

Thanks for reading. We hope that you’ve found this blog useful and that it has highlighted the fact that there is a more affordable way to keep your car on the road. Check back with us soon for more tips and advice from the home of cost-effective car maintenance.



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