Find A 12V Glow Plug Tester Online

There are a number of indications that your glow plugs are no longer working to the peak of their ability. You may have noticed a sizeable change in the way your vehicle runs, smells or the fumes coming through the exhaust.

Diesel vehicles are trusted for their reliability and power off the mark, but it’s important you know exactly what the problem is through diagnosis. If you have noticed any of the three common faults below with your vehicle, our glow plug tester at LJM Car Diagnostics could be ideal:

  • Engine misfiring or a general reduction in power or acceleration
  • Hard starting due to failure to create a spark
  • Black smoke coming from your exhaust

Fortunately, if you have seen or felt any of these changes, you can test your glow plugs with our dedicated 12V tester.

Why choose a glow plug tester from our online store at LJM Car Diagnostics?

The quick and accurate analysis of your glow plugs is convenient, but not if you have to remove the glow plugs or perform a cold resistance tester.

The glow plug tester we have online from Nexus allows you to inspect and check your glow plugs while the engine is on. This allows the test to yield accurate results via LED lights.

To discover more about our glow plug testers and the products we can offer, get in contact with us today.

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