Secure The Best Car Diagnostic Tool

To administer the right solutions for any problem, it’s vital that you understand what the issue is. Every industry has these obstacles, but perhaps the most prevalent is located within the motor industry.

The wide range of problems that can occur make finding out what has happened absolutely critical. To ensure you are prepared any issues in the future, it’s vital that you have your hands on the best diagnostic tool for your car.

At LJM Car Diagnostics we are a leading online supplier and distributor of these high-quality products for the motoring industry,

When it comes to finding the best car diagnostic tool, we are led towards the iCarsoft universal tool. This powerful and professional piece of kit is able to diagnose, highlight and solve an abundance of issues in cars of different types, ages and styles.

Why choose the iCarsoft CR Pro to cover your diagnostic needs?

As a universal diagnostic tool, it is able to help you diagnose and highlight issues relating to:

  • Full system diagnoses
  • Oil service resets
  • Electronic parking brake (EPB) maintenance
  • Steering angle sensor (SAS) calibration
  • Battery management system
  • Battery test and data review support

As an official distributor of iCarsoft products, we can offer ongoing support and advice for updating the system in the future.

To discover if the iCarsoft CR Pro covers the cars you need to diagnose, get in contact with us today.

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