OBDProg MT401 Mileage Adjustment Tool

Are you looking to buy an odometer for your car? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! You can purchase an OBDProg MT401 mileage adjustment tool via our website. This product is exclusively designed as an odometer that can be used with almost every type of vehicle on the market. So, if you’re looking for a way to track distance travelled and adjust mileage, then this could be the perfect product for you. 

What are the features of the OBDProg MT401?

We understand that this isn’t the only odometer on the market right now. However, we believe it’s one of the best around - and for good reasons. To start, OBDProg is one of the most established and trustworthy brands in the industry. So, you can be assured that this odometer is built to the highest standards and will last a very long time. 

Alongside this, here are a few of the key features and benefits of the MT401:

  • Supports a multi-language environment, meaning it can be used in different countries and regions
  • All support cars can be adjusted via OBD
  • The design is incredibly modern, far more so than other odometers. The MT401 features a high definition screen with perfect resolution. As a result, you can accurately see the measurements on-screen
  • The tool is built to be scratch and shock-resistant, which helps it avoid any bumps and bruises while in use 
  • OBDProg MT401 is constructed using industrial-standard materials. As such, it can withstand different weather conditions while being used, further enhancing the durability

Essentially, you get everything you could possibly need out of an odometer with this product. But, it goes above and beyond your expectations by offering a modern and durable design. This adds to the value for money as you don’t have to worry about it breaking after a few uses. Of course, the fact it can be used with almost any car is also a significant benefit!

Why buy from LJM Car Diagnostics?

Are we the only company that sells the OBDProg MT401 online? Of course not. But, we’re confident that we are the best company to buy from. We don’t say this just for the sake of it, we say it based on the feedback we’ve received from our customers. People trust us, and that’s reflected in the positive reviews we boast. 

If you’re still not convinced, then here are three reasons to buy from us: 

  • Competitive Prices - We strive to make our prices as competitive as possible. You won’t be overcharged, and we won’t sell substandard products at ridiculously cheap prices to rip you off! 
  • High-Quality Service - We pride ourselves on our service, and we do everything in our power to ensure your items are processed and delivered as quickly as possible. 
  • Simplicity - It’s so easy to order your odometer from us. All you have to do is add it to your cart, go to the checkout, and you’re done. Within a few minutes, you’ll have an order confirmation email, and your product will be dispatched ASAP. 


So, if you want to purchase a brand new OBDProg MT401 Mileage Adjustment Tool, then we hope you choose to buy it from us. Check out our website, and you can place your order right away. 

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