How to reset the oil service light with the iCarsoft POR V1.0

Most new vehicles are required to have an oil service light, which can be found on the dashboard of your car. Many also need a computer to count the number of miles covered at certain intervals and to provide you with a notification once an oil change is necessary. If you have been driving your car for some time and you notice your oil service light has come on, you most likely need to change the filter or oil. If you're driving a Porsche, the iCarsoft POR V1.0 will help you reset the light once you've made the necessary changes. 

Can the oil service light indicate something else? 
Most new cars will have two lights connected to the oil system; usually, the first light displays the time needed to change the oil while the second light relates to the oil pressure. However, for you to diagnose the specific issue with your Porsche, such as low pressure, you will need a car diagnostic tool with an oil reset function. This tool will display and read the codes for you to make resetting the system straightforward. 

How to use the iCarsoft POR V1.0 for an oil service reset
Once you've changed the oil, you will need to reset the oil light - it will not turn off unless you do this. To complete the reset, follow these steps: 

1. Turn on the ignition (do not start the vehicle)
2. Connect and turn on the iCarsoft device
3. Once the main screen appears, select the oil reset function
4. Choose your vehicle manufacturer from the list and then the model of your vehicle
5. Select either the manual or automatic reset

Trust LJM Car Diagnostics for all your oil service reset needs.

We have a vast collection of iCarsoft devices, and each one can do an oil service reset. To find out more, or to purchase the POR V1.0, contact a member of our team today.

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