About iCarsoft

iCarsoft is a fast-growing company trusted by DIYers of auto diagnosis in over 60 countries around the globe. They’re the world’s first manufacturer and supplier that solely focuses on single brand DIY code readers with multi systems. 

What does iCarsoft do?

iCarsoft’s priority is to help car drivers around the world solve 95% of their car problems by themselves. They spend a lot of time developing and manufacturing different tools for people to use in their cars. These tools can then be used to help figure out various problems lingering beneath the surface of a vehicle. Have you ever seen your check engine light go on, but don’t understand why it’s there? An auto diagnostics tool from iCarsoft is set up to help diagnose the problem and tell you what’s wrong with your car. 

Consequently, the tools they produce are essential. Without a high-quality diagnostics product, you wouldn’t be able to deduce what’s wrong with your vehicle and how to go about fixing it. 

Why choose iCarsoft products?

Other brands make and distribute auto diagnostic tools, so what makes iCarsoft so unique? The attention to detail that goes into each product is exemplary, and this is reflected in the quality of every single tool. Not only that, but iCarsoft manufactures such a broad range of products - including WiFi and Bluetooth diagnostic scanners! 

The products have also been designed for various vehicles, including BMW, Volvo, VW, Audi Ford, Mazda - and so many more. 

One key selling point is that iCarsoft provides free updates for life. Car diagnostic devices need to have regular software updates if they’re to continue working correctly. Other brands either charge for updates or make you upgrade to a new tool when the software becomes outdated. With iCarsoft, you don’t have to pay a penny to update your device and keep using it. 

The primary feature of iCarsoft is that the products are designed for DIYers and regular individuals. Other providers of universal car scanners and auto diagnostic products are more aimed at professionals/garages. 

Where can you buy iCarsoft products?

iCarsoft products are available online from various distributors. At LJM Car Diagnostics, we’re proud to announce that we’re one of the biggest distributors in the UK. We’ve worked closely with iCarsoft for years, and we have a lot of faith in their products. We chose to partner with them so we can provide you with high-quality diagnostic tools that are proven to work. 

Why choose LJM Car Diagnostics?

Aside from being one of the biggest iCarsoft distributors in the country, we also offer a high-level service for all of our customers. If you need help finding an iCarsoft product, or want to understand which one works best for you, then we have online advisors who can help you make the right purchase. Plus, we offer very competitive prices, so you get excellent value for money. 

If you’re interested in iCarsoft products and want to see which ones are available, then feel free to check out our website today. If anything catches your eye, then you can add it to your cart and order online from LJM Car Diagnostics. 

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