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Is your car showing signs of dirty fuel injectors? Has your engine been misfiring or perhaps sounding pretty rough in idle? Has your mileage been tanking or even your RPM needle starting to shoot all over? Maybe your car won’t even start? These are all signs that your fuel injectors need replacing, which isn’t uncommon.

The question is, once you’ve done that, do you have the tools needed to program a new code for the ECU once you’ve replaced them? An injector code, otherwise known as a calibration code is programmed to the ECU for more accurate communication and injection control.

Injection Control With Injector Coding

Once any injector is replaced, you’ll need an injector coding tool to programme the new code or reconfirm the previous code. This allows for the cylinder to better identify the injectors and more accurately control the fuel injection.

Having an injector code tool to hand to do this yourself means a huge saving in both time and money; allowing you to carry out the job yourself, quickly and efficiently, rather than paying often extortionate prices of a mechanic. Our selection of injector coding tools allow for incredible flexibility in that they work with multiple vehicles and systems.

If you’d like assistance finding the right injector coding tool for your car or truck, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team who’ll be only too happy to help you find an injector coding tool that offers you full coverage for your intended vehicle.

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